That championship feeling: Boston Red Sox bring trophy to Halifax

Haley Ryan
Published on June 5, 2014



The small crowd facing Steve Lyons was silent as the former Boston Red Sox player described walking from the locker room, down a hall and up a few steps to catch his first glimpse of Fenway Park.


“The first thing you see that hits you right in the face is the Green Monster, and when you see it …” Lyon’s trailed off, putting out a shaky hand to recreate the moment he saw the famous left field wall.


“Whether you’re playing or not, you guys know it. You love it, just like I do,” Lyons said with his voice breaking.


On Wednesday, Lyons spoke alongside Dr. Charles Steinberg, executive vice-president of the Red Sox, during an appearance in Halifax with the World Series trophy, which Boston won last year.


The event saw many speakers share their personal stories of how they fell in love with the team, like hearing games on the radio late at night, or getting a dozen practice balls from Fenway as a young kid.


Jim Prime of the Bluenose Bosox Brotherhood said it was “just extraordinary” to have Steinberg and Lyons both visit with the World Series trophy, which last came in 2008.


Many spoke about the historical ties between Boston and Nova Scotia, but Prime said there’s likely a deep love for the Red Sox here due to our habit of rooting for the underdog since we’re one ourselves.


“Having a team like the Red Sox to cheer for, through their ups and downs … is in our nature.”


Steinberg, who was awarded with an official Bosox Brotherhood jacket, said his favourite part of touring with the trophy is hearing stories of how much the team means to global members of the “Red Sox Nation.”


“When you recognize that you have people who care about you, then it’s human nature to say ‘Let’s acknowledge that in a real, physical, personal way,” Steinberg said.