Gail Benoit sentenced to a month’s house arrest for thefts

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
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Gail Benoit was sentenced in Digby provincial court on Monday, Jan. 13 to one month’s house arrest and a year’s probation for two cases of theft.

Gail Benoit is slowly working her way through the various charges against her.

She appeared in Digby provincial court on Monday, Jan. 13 for sentencing in relation to two separate cases of theft—the first for stealing a man’s wallet in Digby on Sept. 12, 2012; and the second for shoplifting in Bridgewater on July, 15, 2013.

Benoit pleaded guilty to both charges and to a charge of breach of probation in relation to the second theft.

Judge Timothy Landry sentenced her to a month’s house arrest, during which time she is not to consume alcohol or drugs.

For the other two charges, she also received a month’s house arrest, but concurrent to the first sentence – meaning, in essence, only the one month’s house arrest.

Landry allowed that Benoit can ask permission from her probation officer to leave her home to visit her grandchild in hospital.

“That means they can decide to allow it or not,” said the judge to Benoit.

The house arrest is to be followed by a year’s probation during which Benoit may have to attend counselling if directed to by her probation officer, and is not to have any contact with the victim of the Digby theft.

The judge waived the victim surcharge but attached a restitution order to the probation, meaning Benoit has a year and a month to pay back the victims.

The prosecution described the Digby theft as “crime of opportunity”.

A man left his wallet on the deli counter at a local grocery store and Benoit picked it up.

The victim asked for $127 in restitution  -- $20 for the wallet, $40 for the money in the wallet, and $60 he had to spend to have his driving licence replaced.

In Bridgewater, Benoit shoplifted $107 in merchandise, including a purse, from the Giant Tiger store on July 15, 2013.

She also pleaded guilty to a charge of breach of probation related to the Bridgewater theft.

Benoit’s lawyer gave her address as Dartmouth during the proceedings.

Fraud charges still pending

In other unrelated matters, Benoit pleaded not guilty in Bridgewater court last November to charges of fraud, identity fraud and theft under $5,000.

Those charges have to do with the sale of two dogs from New Brunswick which Benoit was allegedly looking after.

Until that case is dealt with, Benoit is not allowed to buy or sell animals.

That trial will take place in Bridgewater starting on April 14.


Organizations: Giant Tiger

Geographic location: Bridgewater, Digby, Dartmouth New Brunswick

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Recent comments

  • Outraged
    February 24, 2014 - 12:41


  • Karen
    January 15, 2014 - 09:44

    This ruling is an ugly reminder of how our justice system fails the community big time.I along with many others would like to understand why she gets a slap on the wrist every time she ends up in front of a judge? This woman needs help..sorry to say but if its the only punishment she gets it should be behind locked doors for a long time until she understands the crimes she is committing.In my view she is not being punished at all and she is probably already making plans for her next heist or dog sale! Thank you to our justice system for allowing this woman to continue in her dirty ways .

  • Pet Person
    January 14, 2014 - 17:51

    This woman should never be allowed to have a pet much less sell them, EVER. To her, pets are nothing more than dollar bills. If I ruled the world, she would be made to serve kennel arrest--outside, in a cage, with nothing to do but shiver and feel utterly miserable.

  • ByTheSea
    January 13, 2014 - 20:35

    This may seem weird...but there have been a lot of times that I've read about you Gail...and I send you all kinds of love and clearing energy. To clear whatever is attached to you. It really needs to be removed. So that you find peace. It takes a lot of courage to plead guilty. You could have dragged this on...but you didn't. That's a big step. Things keep coming at us...until we 'get it.' That wallet was a test. There will be more! If something isn't yours...and you take will come back to bite you in the a** again. Over and over again you are getting caught...It's a huge life lesson. It's not accident. If we want a better life...we need to make better choices. Peace.

  • Brenda Skibinsky
    January 13, 2014 - 17:15

    I can't believe she only got a month probation - she is one evil devil - her charges against the selling of puppies is supremely exemplary of he total abuse to humanity - her abuse will just coninue

  • Brenda Skibinsky
    January 13, 2014 - 17:14

    I can't believe she only got a month probation - she is one evil devil - her charges against the selling of puppies is supremely exemplary of he total abuse to humanity - her abuse will just coninue

  • J
    January 13, 2014 - 16:27

    WHAT????? ONE MONTH???? This is disgusting!!! Our laws NEED to be changed so scum like this GO TO JAIL!!!!!!!!!!

  • WriterWriter
    January 13, 2014 - 15:17

    People like this are expensive to incarcerate and "rehabilitate." Rather than house arrest and constant surveillance, which, statistically, will fail, would it not be more useful to load this woman on a plane and get her to somewhere - a refugee camp somewhere - she can understand how bloody fortunate she is to live in Canada, and where she can get her head around the very real lives of people elsewhere. I think two months in place where life is really, actually difficult might make an impression. Such treatment would certainly be less costly to Canadians.

  • marty moreau
    January 13, 2014 - 14:48

    I sure would like to know why this criminal get’s a pat on the back every time she is in front of a judge …What’s Up With That??????