Hants History (July 24, 2014 edition)

Carole Morris-Underhill editor@hantsjournal.ca
Published on July 20, 2014

Here's a look at what was making the news 25 and 50 years ago in the Hants Journal.


25 years ago (July 26, 1989 paper)

• Homes and businesses in the Falmouth area were to receive new civic numbers Aug. 1 as part of a pilot project for the province’s 911 emergency telephone system.

• Tenders were set to go out for a construction project to replace the Scotch Village bridge. It was noted the bridge was weakened after ice damaged a portion of the structure.

• East Hants council agreed to take on the Maitland wharf after the federal government offered it to the municipality as surplus.

Avondale residents were hoping West Hants council would have a change of heart after they turned down the federal government’s offer of the surplus wharf in Avondale in May. However, when council initially responded to the government’s offer, they expressed interest in keeping the land.

It was reported that council was hoping to prevent the destruction of the Avondale wharf in light of the community rallying to keep it intact.

• Colonial Recycling finally received the green light to begin offering ‘large scale’ recycling to residents of Windsor and West Hants.

The manager of the new business was Sheldon Bennett, who told the Hants Journal that they were fielding 30 to 40 phone calls per day from residents eager to start reducing what they were sending to the landfill.

• Jam with Sam — the super concert on the Windsor waterfront — was getting bigger with each passing year. More than 11,000 music lovers were expected to take in the event leading up to the Sam Slick Days fireworks.

Leading up to the popular finale, there was to be three stages with two bands on each stage alternating their performances.

• The R.A. Jodrey Trophy was presented to the Windsor Bluefins following the annual Hantsport versus Windsor swim meet.

• Batman, starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton, was showing at the Imperial Theatre in Windsor.


50 years ago (July 22, 1964 paper)

• A turtle measuring about six inches in length met its end while crossing the highway on “Starratts Hill” in Cambridge. The Journal noted that it was a rarity to see a turtle in that area.

• Fifteen-year-old Anne MacLellan, of Cheverie, was crowned queen at the annual United Church Picnic in Walton. The lady-in-waiting was Sandra Sanford.

Sixteen floats were decorated for the event, with the top prize going to Bramber District for their Tabernacle of Israel entry.

• Hantsport purchased 20 litter boxes and placed them at strategic points throughout the town in hopes of an immediate improvement in the condition of the streets.

• Mrs. Myrna Pulsifer, of Hantsport, and a member of the local Emergency Measures Organization, was selected to take a course at the Civil Defence College in Arnprior, Ontario.

• Bananas were selling for 17 cents a pound and red grapes were on sale for 35 cents a pound at Dominion.

• Stedman's was having a special summer sale on lawn furniture, including a patio cot for $29.95 and red cedar rockers for $6.95 each.