Windsor Fire Department executive saddened by West Hants decision

Published on May 14, 2014

Although contract negotiations between the Windsor Fire Department and Municipality of West Hants have stalled, the local firefighting force continues to provide service and mutual aid to rural residents.

We at the Windsor Fire Department are deeply distressed by the decision of the West Hants council last night, May 13.

We have provided quality service for over 60 years and have the numbers to show that our per civic address cost is lower than all the other departments that currently service West Hants. The motion last night was a shock as we were in the process of responding to the council’s letter and we have repeatedly requested the opportunity to sit down with West Hants Staff to negotiate a contract for continued fire service to West Hants.

The motion passed by West Hants council last night makes it clear to us that they had already made up their mind to terminate our relationship. We do not believe that this decision reflects the will of the residents that we have served for so many years.

All over Nova Scotia we are seeing municipalities dissolve and service costs rise. Now, more than ever, we think towns and municipalities should be looking at shared services for the benefit of the citizens. It saddens us that egos and personal politics seem to be guiding life-safety decisions.

Members of the Windsor Fire Department will be meeting in the coming days to decide upon our response to this decision now that West Hants has voted to end our fire service coverage for its residents.



Fire Chief Scott Burgess,

Windsor Fire Department Executive