Queens County Museum to feature sports history at Emera Centre

Published on March 17, 2017

Liverpool Hockey 1972 (Ken Dagley Photo)

LIVERPOOL - Do you have some old skates, hockey sticks, or other historic sports memorabilia lying around?

If so, the Queens County Museum wants to borrow it for a new display of sports history that will be going up at Queens Place Emera Centre on April 1.

“We’re partnering with the Region of Queens to build a sports exhibit,” says Linda Rafuse, manager of the Queens County Museum.

The region is building a very large display case for the exhibit, and the museum will be filling it with sports memories.

“They’ve asked us to develop rotating sports exhibits, maybe every three months, so we’re starting with hockey,” says Rafuse.

The display case will be in the main lobby of the Emera Centre.

“It will be a permanent fixture,” she says.

“We will change exhibits every three to four months. We’re starting with early hockey, we’ll bring it up to maybe the early Mersey Hockey League.”

The next one will be early baseball in Queens County, curling, and even the woodsman’s competition.

“Anything that is competitive sports here. We’ll do Tiger Warrington with his boxing, also Tommy Falls, we’ll try to include maybe some current day news of the sport.”

Rafuse says the museum has items already in their collection, but they’ve also put a call out to the community.

“If people have things that they’re interested in showing, we’d be happy to take them on loan to include in the sports exhibit. Right now, we’ve put a call out for hockey, any hockey memorabilia, because what we have so far is an old jersey, some old skates, some great old photographs of early hockey teams.”

She says if anyone in Queens has any old hockey jerseys, or hockey sticks, skates.

“Anything pertaining to hockey, anything like that, just give us a call,” she says.