Two Queens residents to be honoured as volunteers of the year

Published on February 17, 2017

Mark Allison of Hunt’s Point has been chosen out of many applicants to represent the Region of Queens at the upcoming volunteer of the year awards.

LIVERPOOL - Heather Kelly of Liverpool and Mark Allison of Hunts Point have been chosen by the Region of Queens Municipality to represent the region at national volunteer week in Halifax this April.

Kelly and Allison were both nominated for the region’s new “Ripple Effect” award, which recognizes citizens who contribute to the community by volunteering.

This year there were 14 nominations.

Council drew two names at its recent meeting and Kelly and Allison were the names picked.

Mark Allison is a graduate of The War Amps Child Amputee Program and has gone above and beyond to volunteer his time and spread important messages in the region, according to his nomination.

“Being a right-leg amputee due to cancer hasn’t stopped Mark from living a full and active life. Mark played competitively on the Senior Boys Basketball team from Grades 10-12. He also enjoys fishing, long boarding and the occasional game of shinny hockey with his friends.”

Allison is a junior counsellor at the Atlantic CHAMP seminars, which gather young amputees from across the Atlantic Provinces to learn about the latest in artificial limbs.

He also offered his time to volunteer at the IWK to meet with patients undergoing treatments for bone cancer that would include amputation. He also volunteered as a young teenager with the Liverpool Junior Fire Department.

Heather Kelly is one of two people nominated by the Region of Queens Municipality to be presented a volunteer of the year award.

Heather Kelly has been involved in many committees, projects and boards in Queens County, including Privateer Days, Canada Day, Queens County Seafest, Music Week Nova Scotia, Keeping Us Strong Campaign, the Hank Snow Tribute, The Community Operated Open Kitchen, the VON, among many others.

Kelly continues to support her community with involvement in the South Shore International Student Program, QCCR/RQM VibeTalks, Plant to Plate Project, and the Region of Queens Planning Advisory Committee.

“Many will agree with the description given by her nominator naming Heather as an important community volunteer who has made our region a better place to live with her infectious passion and unwavering spirit.”

Others nominated for the Ripple Effect include Cate Bird, Liverpool: Shelley Gillis, Liverpool; Gil and Laura Lee Johnson, South Brookfield; John Murray, Hunts Point; Tim McDonald, Halifax; Trish Wamboldt, Caledonia; Ted Bulley, Liverpool; Steve Burns, Brooklyn; Julie Folk, Liverpool; Janet Gatzke, Port Mouton; and Margo Zwicker, Charleston.

The Ripple Effect Awards ask people in the region to nominate a person who provides volunteering and activities to the community.