Greenwood helicopter rescues people, dog from Cape Chignecto Park

Staff ~ The Amherst News
Published on July 11, 2014


A Cormorant helicopter from CFB Greenwood plucked a couple and their dog from the beach at Cape Chignecto Park on Thursday night.

It’s believed the incident occurred near the Three Sisters rock formation at Eatonville.

Cpl. Scott MacRae said the pair were walking their dog along the shoreline when the tide started to come in behind them. When they realized they were in trouble they called 911.

“They were fortunate in that they had a cell phone. They called 911 and the joint rescue centre dispatched a helicopter that was able to pluck them and the dog off the beach,” MacRae said. “They were taken to dry land and will no doubt have a story to tell. It was a scary ordeal for them, but they’re both OK.”

MacRae said it could have been a much different story.

The woman is pregnant and unable to swim.

MacRae, who at one time was stationed in Parrsboro, said it’s not the first time people have had to be rescued because of the changing tide. The Fundy Shore is renowned for how fast the tide changes and how high the tide gets.

“The tide changes really fast out along that shoreline so you really need to be aware of the time of day and the tide times,” he said. “We’ve had people get stranded out there before. Some people have tried to swim their way out of it, but it’s difficult to swim against the tide, while we had another instance where someone tried to climb the cliff to escape the water and got stranded.”

He stressed the importance of people knowing the tide situation and being prepared for any eventuality.

“These people were fortunate in that they had a cellphone and were able to call for help,” he said. “It’s always important to have a plan and to let people know where you’re going and when you expect to be back.”