Good Samaritan returns $13,000 found on the side of the road in Spryfield

Braedon Clark
Published on July 11, 2014
Halifax Regional Police


It’s a question many of us have asked ourselves: What would we do if we found $13,000 in cash on the side of the road?

For one Good Samaritan in Halifax, the answer was obvious.

While driving along Herring Cove Road on Thursday, a 28-year-old man realized that a bag containing $13,000 in cash had fallen out of his truck. The man was on his way to buy a tractor.

The man frantically searched for the bag but couldn’t find it. It seemed as though all was lost – that is, until someone returned the bag to the Spryfield Community Office the very same day.

The man who lost the money was reunited with his cash after being able to provide a description of what was in the bag.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this story is that it doesn’t seem to be surprising at all.

In fact, it seems as though people in Halifax are especially honest.

Halifax Regional Police say that there have been 38 reports of citizens turning valuables over to police since January. The returned items have included everything from over $2,000 in cash to passports, but the incident yesterday may have been the biggest one of all.

He might still be able to buy that tractor after all.