New law would bring more sirens to Nova Scotia

Published on April 11, 2014
Sheriff's van File

Changes introduced  April 11 to the Motor Vehicle Act  will allow sheriff, bridge patrol and mobile communication vehicles  to use sirens, flashing and revolving lights when responding to emergency situations.

"The proposed amendments will help to enhance public safety," said Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Geoff MacLellan in a media release. "I urge the public's continued co-operation in promptly and safely clearing the way when they see or hear an emergency response vehicle. It's the law."

The amendments mean public safety and field communication vehicles, sheriff vehicles and bridge patrol vehicles will have the same privileges as other emergency vehicles including: the authority to proceed through traffic signals, stop signs, and exceed speed limits when operating in an emergency situation; allowing the vehicles to make a U-turn across the highway and requiring other drivers to yield right-of-way.

Drivers will have to follow the same rules of the road when approaching and yielding to these public safety vehicles as they would when approaching and yielding to emergency vehicles like police, fire and paramedics.