Missing, elderly dog reunited with family thanks to Nova Scotia blizzard clean up crew

John Brannen jbrannen@ngnews.ca
Published on March 27, 2014

Copper, the 13-year old beagle, has been reunited with his owner after being rescued by public works crews in Pictou county. Submitted

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Darlene Mason let out her cherished beagle on Wednesday afternoon like she had many times before.

There was never any fear that 13-year-old Copper would wander off from his New Glasgow home. After all, his leash was secured to the house,  but ,when Mason went to check on him a few minutes later, Copper was gone.

“The clip had just broke,” she recalled. “The storm was really starting to come down on us then.”

Mason went out and followed the quickly disappearing tracks of the dog, but couldn’t see him. Copper didn’t come when called.

“Around six that night, I called my son to come down and he looked around the neighbourhood in his four-wheel drive,”Mason said. “I really didn’t think he’d live through the night out there.”

The dog has a heart condition that requires daily medication.

As yesterday’s storm swirled snow around into drifts several feet deep, Mason had little hope for Copper as she got ready for work.

“I called the radio station to report he was missing," she said. "I couldn’t believe that a short time later I got the call that he was found and doing well.”

The Town of New Glasgow's public works crews were surprised to find the dog in a snow bank near the public works building on Park Street.

“Apparently, he was next to the building probably trying to get away from the harsh winds,” said Mason. “As the snow built up, he was just about buried.”

After shoveling him out and keeping him warm, the public works crew helped to reconnect Copper with Mason.

“He’s doing fine and I’m happy he’s home. He’s missed a few doses of his medication but is back on track now.”

While she said she’s already replaced the faulty clip that let Copper get away, Mason is thankful for the public works team and radio station for finding and keeping her dog safe.