Free public Wifi network comes to downtown Digby

Published on July 14, 2017

Brian Joudrey, owner of bNetworked, installed sector antennas outside bNetworked which communicate with smaller access points across town, like the smaller white panel shown here at the Dockside.

©Michael Carty

DIGBY, NS – Free public Wi-Fi has officially arrived today, July 14, in downtown Digby.

And if you saw a man up high on a ladder installing wiring and other equipment more often than usual this week, that’s why.

The wireless network was created and installed by bNetworked, a local information technology business, which first presented the idea to Digby Town Council February 21 at a Committee of the Whole meeting.

Connecting is incredibly easy – simply go to the Wi-Fi application on your computer, tablet or phone, click ‘Digby Wi-Fi,’ accept the terms and conditions, and connect.

Michael Carty is an account manager at bNetworked and is very excited the network is up and running.

“It feels great, for sure,” he said.

“We’re really happy to have been able to bring a free, public Wi-Fi service to Digby.”

This news comes just over two weeks after Halifax announced its own public Wi-Fi in busy downtown areas.

Carty sees this province wide phenomenon as a very good thing for tourism.

This map details the areas where access to Digby’s new free public Wi-Fi network is available.

©Michael Carty

He also sees it as a huge bonus locally, where access to Internet isn’t always so easy.

“Internet connection in rural areas can be an issue, so it’s especially great that people can access it for free here,” he said.

The network was created through private partnerships with local businesses rather than town funding, but CAO Tom Ossinger is happy the service is up and running.

“If private enterprise can get it done quicker, since this is a service, of course we’re all for it,” he says.

“This is great news for the town of Digby.”

The service features an ad rotation for advertising participating local businesses. Carty said this feature is also exciting, since it supports local.

“We’re excited to offer these services to both the public and local businesses, because both are important,” he said.