Spirits win Lequille's vote: Annapolis County community going from dry to wet

Published on August 26, 2014
Highlights from county council.
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Highlights from county council

The August session of Annapolis County Council was told by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation that the majority of voters in the Lequille area of the county voted “wet” in the liquor plebiscite held in July.

Residents in the Lequille area were asked if they were in favour of the sale of liquor in their community. Councillors were told that 88 voters were in favour while 34 voted no. There was no indication of the number of eligible voters. This vote is the first regulatory hurdle required for the establishment of a whiskey distillery in the area.

The proposed whiskey distillery will be located adjacent to the Lequille Country Store. The wish to include a retail outlet triggered the necessity for the liquor plebiscite. Prior to this vote, the sale of liquor was prohibited in that portion of Annapolis County.