<strong>Shag Harbour UFO festival was a flying success</strong>

Greg Bennett gbennett@thecoastguard.ca
Published on August 20, 2014

The 1000th visitor of 2014 was Bob Czerny, who shares his time between Little Harbour and Ottawa.

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Members of the Shag Harbour Incident Society are calling last week’s annual UFO festival a success as numbers were significantly higher than last year. They had an estimated amount of 220 visitors throughout the weekend, Saturday, Aug. 9 being the busiest day with 120 coming through the door. 

Recently the Shag Harbour museum welcomed its 1000th visitor for 2014, Bob Czerny, who shares his time between Little Harbour and Ottawa.

Events included two symposiums featuring local witnesses, authors, and UFO researchers. The Incident Society also hosted the Haligonian jazz band, Unidentified Funk Object, which performed a concert on Sunday, Aug. 10.

Although the festival officially began on Saturday, the Incident Society sold a takeout chowder dinner in the evening on Friday, Aug. 8. Following the dinner, the museum opened for a public screening of Spielberg’s ET: The Extra Terrestrial.

Saturday events began with a family picnic. The annual alien fashion show took place in the afternoon, and lead up to the first symposium of the weekend, which ran until early evening.

The Saturday symposium consisted of local residents who claim to have witnessed the 1967 UFO, as well as author Stephen C. Brown whose science fiction novel, Sojourn’s Fall, is based on the Shag Harbour incident.  

On Sunday, the final day of the festival, the museum organized family activities such as galactic tag and rocket ship building. Following the family activities the Sunday symposium began, featuring Nova Scotian UFO researchers Chris Styles and Graham Simms.

For more information on the Shag Harbour UFO Festival’s events visit their new website at www.shagharbourincident.wordpress.com