Bear causing problems on Cape Sable Island

Conservation officers to set trap on Thursday

Published on August 13, 2014
A large bear, like this one captured on a deer cam in Upper Clyde in 2012, is causing problems on Cape Sable Island.

By Amy Woolvett

Residents on Cape Sable Island were more than a little surprised when they started spotting bears throughout the island this summer. 

While it may be bear season, many residents could not remember a time when bears had reached the island.

“The causeway has been there for a long time,” said Bruce Nunn communications specialist for the Department of Natural Resources. “It probably ambled along the roadside at night.”

He said the bears are coming out for compost bins and easy access to food and recommends residents to keep their compost in the freezer or shed until garbage pick-up.

Bill DesChamp, DNR technician, said there seems to be an increase in the number of bear sightings this year.

“Usually what people are seeing is juvenile bears at this time,” he said.  “It is bear season from June to October.”

He said a number of complaints have come into his office from the Cape Sable Island area.

“We will have a trap there by Thursday,” he said.

“Bears are going to come and stay in the community if the food is there,” he said.  “Don’t put out food in your green cart, clean up bird feeders, apple trees and any other sources of food.”

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