Post-tropical storm Arthur creates flood of calls to Kings RCMP

Nancy Kelly
Published on July 8, 2014

Kings District RCMP members were overwhelmed with calls for service as post tropical storm Arthur slammed through Kings County last weekend.

RCMP community policing officer Blair MacMurtery reported in a six-hour period, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. on July 5, RCMP received 33 calls for downed trees, utility lines and traffic hazards as a result of the storm’s powerful, gusting winds.

The high volume of calls continued to come in from communities across all areas of Kings County well into the late day and MacMurtery said members got to the scenes as soon as they could.

“We had to prioritize,” he said, “and calls to downed power lines were at the top of the list because of the potential for injury to the public.”

Any calls for downed phone or cable lines were referred to the appropriate agency and Nova Scotia Power was alerted to any damaged power equipment.

“Weather-related incidents put added stress on police because the regular calls for service don’t go away. We have to deal with them, too.”

MacMurtery estimates storm-related calls accounted for a good portion of the 264 files that were logged by the RCMP in Kings County between July 3 and 7.

“That number is way, way high from the usual number of calls in a similar reporting period,” said MacMurtery.