Power being restored to some in Annapolis County: Margaretsville, Cornwallis Park, Granville Ferry asked to conserve water

Published on July 7, 2014

Crews are still working to clear away debris and restore electricity in many himes across Annapolis County.

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Charge phones, find water at fire hall

Power is being restored across Annapolis, but some communities are being asked to conserve water.

As of 2 p.m. today, power is being restored in Annapolis Royal, Spa Springs, Middleton, parts of Bridgetown and Digby. Residents in outlying areas incluiding Bear River, Nictaux, Granville Ferry, and Margaretsville are still waiting.

Residents of Bear River can charge their phones, or fill up their water jugs at the fire hall, starting  at 2 PM. People are asked to bring their own chargers and water containers.

People without power in the Middleton are can drop by the Middleton fire hall and charge ther phones and fie up laptops.

The Municipality of Annapolis County is asking residents in Margaretsville, Granville Ferry and Cornwallis Park to conserve water. Due to the power outage Cornwallis Park Wastewater Treatment Plant is also at restricted operations.

"We are asking that customers  of the Cornwallis Park Wastewater Treatment Plant minimize flushing of their toilets and overall drainage of water until power is restored at the plant."

"The Municipality is taking all measures to provide on-going water needs for the public but we do ask that people take measures within their own households to minimize use. It is anticipated that the power will be out for an extended period of time so it is essential that we all minimize our water consumption," according to the release.

High winds blew trees down damaging powerlines in Margaretsville, Melvern Square, and Mount Hanley Rd. The Historica Gardens in Annapolis Royal sustained a fair bit of damage, but staff was able to complete the clean-up in time to open the gardens to visitors again by early afternoon.