Farmers can't handle additional taxes: Kings North MLA

Published on July 28, 2014

The agricultural community can’t withstand new taxes, says Kings North MLA John Lohr.

Lohr, the agriculture critic and a farmer, says a  report released by the Environment Department is calling for a tax on off-the-road tires, including ATVs, mining equipment and farm tractors

“Farmers are already having a rough go of it in this economy,” said Lohr. “Imposing new taxes on the farming and mining community directly contradicts what the Ivany Report recommended for these industries. To blatantly ignore Ivany’s advice and to saddle farmers with new taxes, would be an incompetent decision.”

Lohr wants Environment Minister Randy DeLorey to guarantee there will be no tax hikes on off-the-road tires.

Lohr is also calling on Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell to show his support for the industry by publicly confirming he will not support any efforts by the Liberal government to raise taxes on off-the-road tires.

“Farmers across Nova Scotia have an important role to play in rebuilding our economy, but this new tax will set the industry back during a time when it needs to grow,” said Lohr. “Keith Colwell and Randy DeLorey should take the concerns of farmers seriously and confirm today that there will be no new taxes imposed on them by the Liberal government.”