New second hand smoke bylaw under consideration in Berwick

Nancy Kelly
Published on July 21, 2014
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Berwick town councillors unanimously approved first reading of a protection from second-hand smoke bylaw at their July 16 meeting.

If passed, the new bylaw will come into effect Oct. 1. It will prohibit smoking in any park or playground on town property or on sidewalks that are adjacent to playgrounds. Outdoor recreational areas, including those in Rainforth Park, are also included.

The town hall property, with exception of designated smoking areas, will also fall under the new bylaw. Other affected areas include the town’s multi-purpose trail, the street along a parade route while a parade is in progress and a street within a designated school area.

The penalty for violating the bylaw will be a fine of up to $200.

Second reading will take place at the next council meeting.