A 'fishy' situation in Kingston

Nancy Kelly nkelly@kingscountynews.ca
Published on June 5, 2014

fish pond

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Goldfish population thriving in Stronach Park pond

These days, more than just ducks are enjoying life in the pond at Kingston’s Stronach Park.

A population of goldfish, not native to the pond, has mushroomed this year and hundreds of the bright orange domestic fish, in a variety of sizes, can be found swimming about the pond.

Kingston clerk Mike McCleave said the village does not stock the pond, but rather the burgeoning schools are most likely a result of locals dumping fish into the pond when they no longer want them.

“They think its better than flushing them, I guess.”

McCleave said the problem has been around for many years, but this year, the population seems to have increased dramatically. Concerned the fish might find their way from the pond to the nearby Annapolis River through a short tributary linking the two bodies of water, village officials consulted with provincial fisheries officials about the need to rid the pond of the fish.

The village was presented with a couple of options for reducing the population, explained McCleave. They include dredging the pond or introducing another species of fish, like bass, to control the population. So far, no action has been taken.

“We are going to let nature take its course,” said McCleave, who indicated inland fisheries officials didn’t see any problem with the pond’s fish population or the potential for any environmental issues if fish were to reach the river.

McCleave said the fish have become a fixture in the park and people really seem to like them and can often be seen feeding them. Given their popularity, he says all indications are that Stronach Park’s fish population will “thrive for a good long time.”