Digby County student escapes serious injury in collision on way to graduation

With her car a write-off, grad gets a lift to ceremony from RCMP

Published on June 27, 2014

SMBA principal Janece McNutt presents Zoe Doucet with her graduation diploma during graduation ceremonies.

©Karla Kelly photo

By Karla Kelly 

One St Mary’s Bay Academy graduate was extra happy to be at the graduation ceremonies last night after escaping serious injuries in a highway collision while on her way to the school.

Zoe Doucet said she was driving through St. Bernard on her way to SMBA Thursday night and had just gone under the Hwy. 101 underpass when a car pulled out from Exit 28 turning left.

“All of a sudden the car was right in front of me and I had no time to brake,” Doucet said.

The impact deployed her vehicle’s airbag.

“Instinct kicked in and I put my arm up so the airbag wouldn’t hit my face,” She said. “I was able to get out of my car by myself and the paramedics checked me over to make sure I was okay.”

The young graduate said she called her parents immediately after the accident to let them know what happened, that she was okay and that she was still able to go to school.

Doucet was scraped and bruised from the impact but given an ‘all clear’ to continue on her way to take part in the graduation.

“I think my car was pretty much a write-off so the RCMP officer who came to the accident drove me to the school,” she said.

Mark and Tina Doucet were at their daughter’s graduation and said they were so thankful Zoe was not seriously hurt.

“We are doubly thankful for tonight,” the Doucets said. “First, our daughter is okay, and, second, she is graduating from high school. We are very thankful.”

Doucet said she didn’t know the extent of the other driver’s injuries but she knew she would be very sore for a few days.

“I am bruised and scraped and I know I will be very sore tomorrow, but I am so thankful I made it to my graduation,” she said.

Paramedics, RCMP and St. Bernard Fire Department responded to the accident.