The end of the Mill Village school worm race

Brittany W. Verge
Published on May 30, 2014

A tradition that started at the opening of the Mill Village Consolidated School ends with the closing of the little school.

The worm race started around the time that the school opened in 1962.  Prior to that, children were taught in the fire hall in Mill Village.

The last worm race was held on May 30 and was open to all students and the public.

Susan Levy, a resident of Mill Village who attended both the fire hall school and the consolidated school was at the first worm race in 1962.  She came to see the final race.

“The worm racing was started by Mr. Jaggernathsingh,” says Levy. “He started it as something different for the kids to do, just something to break the year up.”

The students and teachers all wore t-shirts with graphics of worms racing and the years 1962 – 2014.  The t-shirts were sponsored by Kelly Connolly, a business owner and a mother with children at the school.

To race a worm, there are many different methods.  Some children brought spray bottles to keep their worms fresh while they wiggled towards the finish line, others tried to create tracks made of mud, and some just let the worm do his own thing.  The rules say however, that the worms must not be touched except by teachers who can direct the worm in the correct direction. 


When the races are done, the worms are returned outside and into the ground. 

The worm race includes a trophy and there is still talk of where the trophy will be kept once the school is closed. 

The school will close at the end of June after nearly 25 years of fighting to stay open.

Winners of the 2014 worm race.  Worm’s names are in brackets.


•           1st –Damian Robar(Wormy)8:53

•           2nd – Zoe Hatt(Pearl)10:38

•           3rd –Korilynn Stright(Bobby 1)11:36

Grades Three to Five

•           1st – Hollyann Hatt(Electric)5:50

•           2nd – Marshall Broome(Slow Loser)22:40

•           3rd –Joey Cook(Fat Panda)23:03


•           1st –Leonella McNeil(Ice Cream)2:58

•           2nd –Carly Smith(Sydnee)10:30

•           3rd –Cindy Parnell(Bill J)10:31