The revival of the West Queens Recreation Centre

Brittany W. Verge
Published on May 16, 2014

The West Queens Recreation Centre in Port Mouton was on the brink of closure due to money issues just a few months ago but it has made a comeback.

From Pub Nights to comedy shows to suppers, the rec centre is seeing a lot of traffic.

Stan Clark, Chairman of the Board of the West Queens Recreational Association, is hoping the renewed interest is just the beginning

The rec centre recently saw its grounds get a bit of a facelift when the association was awarded a $1,000 grant from the Royal Bank of Canada. 

The association is using the money to clean up their property starting with the baseball field next to the rec centre.  A clean up was held on May 3 that saw over 50 volunteers, young and old, clear bushes and debris away from the inside and outside of the field.  RBC promised three volunteers but 12 arrived to help out. 

The property next to the rec centre includes a baseball field and a large piece of property that was donated by Bud MacLeod and supposed to be a park.  Much of the area is grown over.

“Our overall goal is to create walking trails, to have picnic areas where you can walk and go, and then down below have a green belt,” says Clark. 

A green belt would be a long strip of grass that would be available for various activities.

The ball field and dugout are in disrepair but Clark says there is an interest in getting a baseball clinic for youth. He also wants to see the field used for more games once work there is complete.

  Clark believes the rec centre serves as a focus point for West Queens and he’d like to see it used for just about everything. 

“This hall is not only going to be vibrant in this area, we’re hoping to tie in with Liverpool and surrounding areas and make it vibrant for the community of South Queens,” says Clark.

Non-profit groups and halls throughout West Queens have been working together to draw people to the area.  A calendar is put out each month to give information on events throughout the area.  That calendar is available on the West Queens Recreation Centre’s Facebook page.

The centre can be rented for private functions. The public can rent portions of the centre as well such as the main hall and the small room in the front of the centre.

All of the events at the centre are put on by volunteers.  Once the cost of upkeep for the centre is covered, money that is made at weekly events and other fundraisers, can go to the revitalization of the centre and its surrounding property. 

To find a full schedule of events and more information visit the    West Queens Recreation Association’s Facebook page: