Beacon Church offering Harry Potter Quidditch event for youth

Published on May 2, 2014
Vanguard news

By Sam Turpin



Beacon church is hosting a Harry Potter themed event that should perk up the curiosity of  ‘Potterheads’ all across Yarmouth.

On Saturday, May 3, starting at 2 p.m., a Quidditch game will be held, and if enough players show up a tournament will be staged.

Caldron cakes and butterbeer will be served as refreshments afterwards – these are recipes inspired by Harry Potter.

Youth from grades 7-12 are welcome and players are asked to bring their own broomsticks if they can (there will be a few extras if you can’t bring one). People are also asked to wear robes if possible, although they are not mandatory.

“This event is about having fun and introducing Yarmouth to Quidditch,” said Cory Fevens, the youth leader at Beacon Church. He noted that Moncton had recently held a city-wide Quidditch tournament, pitting teams of Harry Potter fans against each other for the winning title.

For the uninitiated, Quidditch is a game played by the wizarding community in the Harry Potter series. Players must keep their brooms between their legs at all times, as in the actual game where releasing one’s broom would result in a nasty fall from a considerable height where Quidditch is traditionally played. Obviously for the Beacon event, however, flying through the air won’t be the case.

The game includes three goal hoops, one goal keeper and three chasers who advance the ball known as the Quaffle down the field by passing it to teammates, kicking it, or simply running with it. Two players known as beaters use dodgeballs referred to as bludgers to knock other players temporarily out of the game. A single seeker on each team chases the elusive snitch, a small and valuable object that when found grants the team that obtained it 30 points and immediately ends the game. However, if the other team has more points, they will win, despite not having found the snitch. The tournament will be run according to the rules established by The International Quidditch Association (yes, ladies and gentlemen, this exists!).

This event is a part of Beacon Church’s continuing efforts to offer relevant events to serve youth and children in Yarmouth and surrounding communities, and to be a more family-friendly church.

Fevens notes that there are no strings attached to attending, saying “We do not ask people to join our church or believe what we believe. That is up for each person to decide for themselves, but…we exist to be a beacon of love, hope, peace and justice to a younger generation.

“We believe life is better when we show love for one another,” he adds. “This is what Jesus taught. It doesn't have to be about anything more than this.”

The May 3 event will serve as a preamble to an even larger event to be held at Beacon Church in the fall, when, in keeping with the Harry Potter theme, Beacon Church will be transformed into The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Participants will be sorted into one of the four houses of Hogwarts and will take part in a feast, attend classes, play another Quidditch tournament and participate in many other Harry Potter themed activities.

“The Harry Potter series offers a beautiful message about the power of love and how to live a good life,” says Fevens. “This is what Beacon Youth is all about.”

(The writer of this article, Sam Turpin, is a YCMHS co-op student who is doing an internship at the Vanguard.)