<strong>Annapolis Royal in Top 10 places to see</strong>

Macleans video shows oldest town in modern light

Lawrence Powell editor@annapolisspectator.ca
Published on March 6, 2014
Macleans photographer Andrew Tolson was in Annapolis Royal in August for some preliminary shooting and came back in October to do an official video shoot for Macleans' Canada 2014: 10 Places You've Got To See.
Lawrence Powell

Maclean's has put together video and photos of 10 places you’ve got to see – and Annapolis Royal is one of them.  In fact, with the exception of Fogo Island, NL, it’s the only spot featured east of Ontario.

Maclean's photographer Andrew Tolson spent time in Annapolis Royal last summer and fall, shooting video footage of the town. Scenic shots, video of artists, artisans, fishers, and streetscapes are laid over interviews with Alan Melanson, Adele MacDonald, and Ryan Scranton. Tolson even rented an airplane to take shots from above.

Maclean's calls the features Canada 2014: 10 Places You’ve Got To See. Besides Annapolis Royal and Fogo Island, the series includes Laird River Hot Springs, BC; Winnipeg, MB: Yellowknife, NWT; Nelson, BC; La Malbaie, QC; Prince Edward County, ON; and Writing-On-Stone, AB.

The Annapolis Royal feature is called Holding The Fort and the top photograph is of Melanson conducting his renowned Candlelight Graveyard Tour.

Video story is by Rosemary Counter and video editing is by Anne-Marie Jackson. The Annapolis Royal video is the first of the 10 to be featured.

Go to: http://placestosee.macleans.ca/

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