Storm was hard on Shelburne County DOT snowplows

Two plows ended up in ditches as a result of treacherous conditions

Greg Bennett
Published on March 27, 2014
A DOT plow was off the road in Birchtown on Thursday morning.

A mid-week, early spring blizzard was tough on Department of Transportation plows in Shelburne County.

Two plows ended up in the ditch, one on Wednesday and another the following morning, as a result of the treacherous conditions.

During the height of the storm a plow was reported off on the Villagedale Road, which was closed as a result.

The next morning a plow went into the ditch on the Old Birchtown Road and crews were unloading sand from the truck before attempting to remove it.

The Shelburne Coast Guard was waiting on updated information from DOT officials on whether the trucks were damaged as a result and if the incidents had hampered snow removal in the county.