Next Highway 101 task force meeting set for spring

Published on February 26, 2014
A section of the uncompleted portion of Highway 101. KARLA KELLY PHOTO

Another meeting of the Joint Highway 101 Task Force, with representatives from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, has been scheduled for early in the spring.

The chair of the task force is pledging to keep residents and all citizens of the three task force participating municipalities fully apprised of developments.

As reported recently by the Digby Courier, progress is being made in the efforts towards the completion of a 101 series highway between Digby and Weymouth

Members of the Joint Highway 101 Task Force met recently with representatives of the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) and subsequently expressed satisfaction that the project is becoming a more definite prospect.

“Completion of this essential highway infrastructure has positively moved from the dormant stage to one where specific planning options are being seriously discussed”, said Task Force Chair Linda Gregory, Warden of the Municipality of Digby.

In addition to Warden Gregory, the Joint Highway 101 Task Force is also comprised of representatives from the, Municipality of Clare and the Town of Digby., and at the meeting the Wardens of Digby and Clare Municipalities and the Mayor of Digby were all in attendance along with Digby Municipal Councillor Maritza Adams, and Clare Digby MLA Gordon Wilson.

“There’s still lots to be determined in terms of funding and timing”, MLA Wilson cautioned, “But there’s undeniably a determination to see the completion of this project”.

Wilson pointed to the fact that the project was specifically referenced in the recent Speech from the Throne as indicative of provincial government’s commitment to this issue.

 The local Joint Task Force has been holding regularly scheduled meetings with a planning Team from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR),

“While much remains to be discussed and proposed between the two planning teams, development has progressed to mutually engaged dialogue about funding and construction options”, reported Digby Mayor Cleveland.