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Pink shirts prove Central Kings is a bully-free zone

Senior Central Kings Rural High School students were dressed in pink and selling pink cotton candy today.
Senior Central Kings Rural High School students were dressed in pink and selling pink cotton candy today.

CAMBRIDGE, NS – The legacy of the first pink shirt day at Central Kings Rural High School in 2007 lives on a decade later.

Megan Ivany, left, Wyomi Acker, Shelby DeVries and Grace Sharpe held up the pink message in the Central Kings photo booth.

“We like to celebrate an inspiring event that was that first year,” says Adrie Cameron, who is student council prime minister.
Cameron said the student body takes a stand against bullying every year.
“The conversation started ten years ago and we are keeping it going. We don’t want to stand by and let bullying happen,” she noted.
Cameron estimated that 60 per cent of the student population wore pink today. The student council set up face painting, a photo booth and pink cotton candy sales.
Danielle Hayden and Jessie Martin, who also serve on the council, said the event reminds students that they still need to stand against bullying.
Cameron hopes that any older students who see a younger student being picked on won’t put up with it.
She sees senior students and staff as role models.
The student body at Central Kings held an assembly at lunchtime on Sept. 13 and then walked to the Waterville fire hall and back waving pink posters.
Vice principal Stan McVicar called Central Kings students exceptional for keeping the anti-bullying message strong for a decade.
“People are thoroughly impressed,” he said during the assembly. “Make Pink Day not just one day, but every day. Be there for each other. Lift people up.”
Cameron told the assembly that some 6.5 million individuals mark Pink Day in 13 countries.
In 2007 Pink Shirt Day co-founders David Shepherd and Travis Price were aiming to support a male Grade 9 student who was bullied for wearing a pink polo shirt on the first day of school.
They purchased 50 pink shirts to distribute to CK students at school the following day. They e-mailed classmates to spread the word about their idea, dubbed Sea of Pink, and hundreds of students showed up for school the next day sporting pink attire.
The campaign received international attention.


The Central Kings student body walked to the Waterville Fire Hall in support of their annual anti-bullying day.

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