Cole Harbour hockey star makes Trailer Park Boys cameo

Published on March 17, 2017

Nathan MacKinnon

©YouTube screen capture -Trailer Park Boys Big Greasy Trailer

A Cole Harbour hockey prodigy will be getting ‘greasy’ with the boys in the upcoming season of Trailer Park Boys.

NHL all-star Nathan MacKinnon, who plays forward for the Colorado Avalanche, made a brief appearance in the new trailer for the 11th season of Trailer Park Boys which will air on Netflix later this month.

Although the appearance was short, MacKinnon can be seen holding a hockey stick surrounded by some kids he is teaching.

When Ricky, a character from the show, walks in and asks who he is, he is quickly put in his place by a child shouting, “It's Nathan MacKinnon, you dumbass!”

Netflix and Swearnet announced the season's release earlier this month, and the trailer was released Thursday.

The 21-year-old hockey star is no stranger to cameos, as he also made an appearance in the Canadian comedy Mr. D in his earlier years.

Signed to the NHL in 2013, MacKinnon became both the youngest hockey player to ever dress in a regular game and the youngest player to record a hat trick in Avalanche history shortly after his NHL debut.

The trailer is currently out on the Trailer Park Boys YouTube page, and Season 11 is set to begin streaming on Netflix March 31.