Find the uncommon art this summer in Kings County

Wendy Elliott
Published on August 13, 2014

Drivers will be surprised by the huge yellow kangaroo, created by Nistal Prem de Boer for the Uncommon Art project, on the Russia Road in Black Rock. 

©WEndy Elliott

This summer, anyone meandering through the Valley ought to check out as many of the 18 Uncommon Common Art installations as possible, just for the fun of it.

The scenery behind the seventh season is great, too. The program runs until mid-October at sites throughout Kings County. Brochures/maps are available at all Visitor Information Centres and area businesses.

Start in North Grand Pré with a confection of old piano pieces called Off Key, or pick it up in Aylesford and head east.

Mermaid by Marie Jardine rests at the Delhaven wharf. A jaunty, beautiful piece creature, she’s made of recycling using broken brake lights and rubber gloves.

There’s a giant sandstone ear at Hall’s Harbour by David Cudworth and a huge kangaroo created by Nistal Prem de Boer on the Russia Road in Black Rock. Hanging from a bridge at Miner’s Marsh in Kentville is another fanciful piece, called Economy, by de Boer and Dick Groot.

Grand Pré artist Jean Leung has hung painted gourds in the little orchard outside the memorial church at Grand Pré. They are faces representing the history of the place from Mi’kmaq to British redcoats.

Uncommon Common Art, which is directed by Wolfville artist Terry Drahos, also did a collaborate group artwork on a trail in Berwick. There are three pieces in the Irving Centre garden by fibre artist Sanna Rahola, blacksmith and sculptor Brad Hall and by Jessica Winton.

The program has its map online and in area businesses and tourist bureaus.

There is a linked workshop at the Needle Felted Ocean workshop Aug. 24, 1 to 2:30 p.m., at North Mountain United Tapestry, Harbourville. Register at