Windsor Forks students donate ponytails to charity

Ashley Thompson
Published on July 2, 2014

Going into her last year of elementary school in the fall, Makayla Leopold had no idea holding a clear plastic baggy full of her own hair could be such a rewarding experience.

She knows now.

Makayla donated 12 inches of hair to the Canadian Cancer Society during the recent Head For A Cure donation drive at the Windsor Forks District School (WFDS).

“It was actually really nice because I knew that I was helping somebody and doing a nice thing for somebody. I thought it was pretty cool to do it,” said Makayla, sporting her new shoulder-length hairdo.

About 36 donors – students, teachers, staff, parents and some Windsor Forks District School alumni – sat on a stool at the front the school’s packed gymnasium and let volunteer stylist Tara Johnson, of Rusty Razor, snip their ponytails off for charity.

Hairstylists Wanda Feltham (Rusty Razor), Sherry Hilchie (Tropical Rays), Caroline Kimball (A Cut Above Hair Design) and Meaghan Eye (Wolfville Hair Design) voluntarily tidied up the participants’ hairdos once the ponytails were chopped off.

Event organizer Melissa Greenough, a Grade 6 teacher at WFDS, told the student body witnessing the donation drive that it is more common to hear of charities urging people to open their wallets.

“Today’s event doesn’t require any of that. It requires people to open up their hearts and be willing to give of themselves,” she said.

The hair collected at the donation drive will be used to make wigs for cancer patients who lost their hair while undergoing treatment.

“To have a hair piece, a wig, to be able to wear when they don’t have their own hair is something that can help a lot of cancer patients feel a little bit more like themselves when they’re going through such a challenging time,” Greenough explained.

“It’s one thing that can make them feel a little bit better when they’re not feeling very good.”

Greenough organized the first Head For A Cure drive at WFDS in 2012.