Annapolis Valley yodelers, Shag Harbour UFO spotters in Edge of East documentary

Wendy Elliott
Published on July 15, 2014

Berwick resident Julia Wright will present her yodeling talent in a brand new documentary this weekend on CBC Television


A group of eight yodelers from rural Nova Scotia were captured on film in the hall in Windermere. July 19,  their unique sound will be presented in a  TV documentary.

Jackie Torrens hosted the 45-minute called Edge of East for CBC Maritimes. It is about three particular East Coast subcultures here in Nova Scotia, including "Yodelers of King's County."

Torrens notes two world famous yodelers, Wilf Carter and Hank Snow, called Nova Scotia home and Carter grew up in Canning.

“The people who are yodeling now are carrying on their legacy. It's also a dying art form and so I was very happy to put these people on camera and get a record of their talents," she said.

She visited Windermere twice and listened in on jam sessions.

“The people there were wonderful to us,” Torrens said.

The eight yodelers -  including Julia Wright of Berwick, her brother Carroll Crouse of Lunenburg County and Judy Eldridge of Mount Uniacke - all addressed the question: are yodelers born or made.

The documentary also explores the alien focus in the community of Shag Harbour on the South Shore and the urban Steam Punk movement in Halifax.

According to Torrens, making this film was a chance to investigate the eccentric Maritime spirit.

“Oddness is part of the spirit,” she said, “and it’s dying out."

In Shag Harbour, Torrens noted, people have created a new mythology, a new vision of the world and they love the mystery of the water and the sky.

Edge of East airs at 8 p.m. on CBC Maritimes.

See a trailer for the show here.


About Jackie

Torrens is an award-winning writer and actor (Made in Canada, Trailer Park Boys). She is currently starring in Thom Fitzgerald’s mini-series Sex and Violence, with Olympia Dukakis.

She is also a documentary-maker. The Collector ran nationally on CBC and was about a junk junkie who discovered a priceless piece of art in a box discards. Her documentary on miniaturists, Camp Mini Ha Ha, won a CBC Award of Excellence.