Plaskett and Myles excited for this week’s dual concert in Wolfville

Wendy Elliott
Published on May 25, 2014

Joel Plaskett, right, will hit the stage in Wolfville on May 31. He plans to bring his father, Bill, left, with him. The event, being held as part of Apple Blossom Festival weekend, will support the Deep Roots Festival. – Submitted


David Myles and Joel Plaskett, two popular Nova Scotia singer/songwriters, both say they are excited to play Convocation Hall May 31.

“It’s sweet hall,” Myles said. “It’s a beautiful venue. I love a quiet room like that.”

Neither Myles nor Plaskett are bringing rock bands to Wolfville for backup.

“The drums are too resonant,” says Myles. “We’ll feature vocals. I could just sit on the edge of that stage and sing.”

The two don’t get to perform together very often.

“I’ve opened for Joel a few times in Ontario,” says Myles.

Plaskett, who doesn’t get to Wolfville often, is bringing his dad, Bill, along. He says they’ll emphasize acoustic sound.

“Dad’s coming along for fun,” he said.

Plaskett, who has spent a lot of time lately in the studio, is looking forward to playing some of his own songs. He’s starting another recording himself, which he won’t be touring till next spring.

“I have a couple of new ones,” he said. “I’m just going to take the feel of the room and the crowd.”

But Plaskett says he does take Twitter song requests.

Myles likes to perform in Wolfville because his brother, Sean, lives there, but both singers state their motivation is to support the Deep Roots Festival.

“Everyone knows it, has played at it,” adds Plasket. “They really try to foster Maritime artists. And Wolfville is a great, vibrant town.”

Myles added that he’s hoping for good attendance.

“I hope it’s packed,” he said.

Myles has picked up four award nominations this year for Inner Ninja. Plaskett, an innovative and prolific artist, has released eight recordings. His most recent is Scrappy Happiness.

Plaskett and Myles in a double concert is likely a perfect match. Tickets are on sale now for the 8 p.m. concert at Convocation Hall, Acadia University, Wolfville.