Nova Scotia woman feels the love after having pizza stolen from Halifax hospital

Published on April 4, 2014


This is a feel-good story that’s truly, deliciously, cheesy.

A Dartmouth woman recovering at the QEII from surgery to treat Crohn’s disease is awash in gratitude this week after some deep-dish acts of kindness.

“It restores your faith a little bit in humanity,” said Jessica Wilson, 24. “When you think that somebody would take from you … and then you see how generous people are.”

Wilson has been on a mostly liquid diet over the last month, and had a procedure this week requiring a 24-hour fast.

She awoke Tuesday eagerly looking forward to solid food in the form of a Hawaiian pizza she had stowed – marked with her name – in her floor’s communal fridge the night before.

But the pizza was gone, the empty box crumpled in the garbage can.

“When you’re sick and you’ve been in hospital for a month, the smallest thing seems so big,” said Wilson. “So for me, it was earth-shattering.”

Nearly choking on disappointment, Wilson took to Facebook to rant.

Sympathetic friends took up her cause and by the end of Tuesday, two large pizzas had been delivered, anonymously, to her floor and the owner of Morris East personally delivered a large Hawaiian party pizza.

Morris East owner Jennie Dobbs said her cousin suffers from Crohn’s, so she didn’t think twice when Wilson’s friends requested some pizza therapy.

“I’ve seen how hard it is to be ill and not have your favorite foods,” she said. “It just ripped my heart open to think that that person had waited so long to have her pizza.”

Another anonymous donor left cash at the nurses’ station for Wilson to get a slice, and Mother’s Pizza has offered a free meal once she’s well.

It seems incongruous to consider pizza as a vehicle for inspiration, but Wilson said she was moved to tears by the efforts to make up for the petty theft that ruined her day.

“I don’t know if it’s a Halifax thing or a Nova Scotia thing, but it made me really proud,” she said, adding she’s determined to pay it forward. “I’ve certainly got to do something to give back to the community and make somebody feel good, the way that made me feel.”