Spotlight on Quality celebrated at regional hospitals

Carla Allen
Published on February 26, 2014

South West Health is holding its first Spotlight on Quality showcase today and Thursday.

The event is designed to recognize and celebrate excellence in many different departments and programs.

Displays are set up at Yarmouth, Digby and Shelburne hospitals.

On Wednesday afternoon, South West Health CEO Blaise MacNeil said he was pleased with the displays and the care that went into each.

“I’m impressed by the number and the diversity of presentations here today. This is a good indication of the creativity and teamwork in many of our departments and programs,” he said.

The showcase features over 40 district displays, posters and presentations from as many as 24 teams.

MacNeil added that the work also serves as a reminder that South West Health is participating in an accreditation site visit this year.

“Accreditation is a never-ending journey but this year is a little bit different because we are being paid a site visit by accreditation surveyors,” he said.

An accreditation site visit is a time when every member of each team must highlight areas where they excel at providing safe quality care and services to the patients and the community.

“This work is also a real demonstration of our commitment to strengthening South West Health’s quality culture,” said MacNeil.