Just go with the flow

Heather Killen hkillen@annapolisspectator.ca
Published on January 29, 2014
Jocelyn Nickerson, a life coach, says she is there to help people get back on track.
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Life coach helps to put the pieces back

Jocelyn Nickerson, a life coach based in Black Rock, says her job is to help people find their own little piece of the puzzle.

Each of us is a unique part of a greater plan, according to Nickerson. Sometimes, if we become disconnected within ourselves, we can get stuck, or sidetracked in life.

As a life coach, she says she helps people find the answers they need to realign with their life purpose and go with the flow of life’s greater plan.

Nickerson says she began her career path as a registered nurse and for a time meandered into bookkeeping. After some life changes and doing her own soul searching, she has realigned her career path to help others rediscover their life purpose.

She relies on life experience and tools like oracle cards to offer support while clients rediscover who they are and find ways to realign their life’s direction, so that what they do is a truer reflection of themselves.



Often it’s not until things break apart in a crisis that we are forced to admit that we have been disconnected from ourselves, she says. However at times like this, we can find our true direction.

It could be that a person’s true calling is towards music, but instead of following that dream, a different life path is taken. Nickerson said that she believes a key strategy to changing your life’s trajectory is to be present in the moment, rather than distracted with planning for the future.

“Life is an invitation, different things present themselves to us and we can choose whether to engage with them or not,” she said. “You don’t have to chase anything, you just have to ask for the next step and wait for life’s invitation. That doesn’t mean sitting around in front of the television, eating bonbons. You have to be present and open.”


Getting Stuck

People sometimes get stuck when the mind tries to control life’s course and direction, but find themselves in a different set of circumstances.  Nickerson added that caterpillars don’t plan to make cocoons and become butterflies, the process unfolds according to nature’s timelines.

And this metamorphosis requires the caterpillar to dissolve into a mushy state for a time. People also experience dark nights of the soul at different points and rather than try to project plans and timelines, it can be better to surrender and be present to what life is offering.

Nickerson says that while it may be frightening to face the uncertainty of change, once the first steps are taken, people often find it easier to release patterns that are no longer working, than trying to force things to work.

She added there are easier ways to realign yourself to your truth.


Who We Are

“A healing crisis is totally optional,” she said. “We haven’t come here to learn lessons, this about having experiences to remember who we really are.”

Everyone already has the answers they need inside, according to Nickerson. Over time the knowledge is lost, buried under fears and other people’s expectations, she said.

Nickerson says as a life coach, she helps people rediscover their own life purpose and find an action plan to realize it. She offers support while people navigate through the uncertainty of transitions. 

“Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you,” she said. “If you don’t like what you are creating, change your mind.”

For more information, contact Jocelyn Nickerson through Nan’s Rock Shop in Wilmot, by email jocelynmnickerson@gmail.com, or by calling 902-538-3547.