Kingston United Church marks special anniversary

Nancy Kelly
Published on August 16, 2014

Kingston anniverary

As part of their 100th anniversary celebrations, members of the Kingston United Church gathered for an old-fashioned tea on the front lawn of the church Aug. 13.

The event was part of a 10-month celebration of the milestone for the Kingston pastoral charge, which also includes churches in Torbrook Mines and Margaretsville.

Planning for the celebration took root in 2008, when gardening committee member Mark Rutherford uncovered the church’s corner stone, listing construction dating back to 1914.

“There it was, hidden behind the weeds, and I thought 100 years is worth celebrating, we need to do something,” said Rutherford, who transitioned from the gardening committee to chair of the 100th anniversary committee.

Since January, church members have celebrated the 100th anniversary with a variety of activities and fundraisers that helped purchase a new memorial stone for the church and fund kitchen renovations.

“We committed to an ambitious schedule of doing 10 things in 10 months. It’s been busy, but very well supported,” by church members, explained Rutherford.

The anniversary celebrations will wind down with a car rally in September and a special church service on Oct. 19, which will coincide with the 89th anniversary of the amalgamation of the United Church of Canada. 

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