Medical marijuana grower plans to set up shop in Stellarton

John Brannen
Published on February 28, 2014

Company wants to bring  medicinal marijuana production plant to Stellarton, Nova Scotia, building. 

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Stellarton’s Clairtone building has turned a new leaf. A marijuana leaf, that is, and the mayor is happy about the plan.

Vida Cannabis (Canada)has signed a purchase and sale agreement to produce medicinal and recreational marijuana at the building.

The company is a subsidiary of Vida Cannabis, which has identified the facility as the perfect structure to house a large-scale medical marijuana production plant. Vida further determined the plant's location in Stellarton is ideal, with the modern infrastructure in place to run such a facility efficiently.

The deal is scheduled to close on or before Apr. 15 for a total purchase price of $500,000.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Vida Canada will be granted by the Town of Stellarton a 50-year irrevocable license to produce medical marijuana at the facility, subject to Vida Canada obtaining a commercial licence from Health Canada. Such local approval is a condition necessary to making a successful application to Health Canada.

Stellarton Mayor Joe Gennoe welcomed Vida Cannabis.

"We are delighted to see the old Clairtone factory be put back into production, albeit in an industry I never could have imagined even five years ago. As things change we, too, must adapt," he said. "Health Canada has established policies and procedures that ensure the legal production of medical marijuana is secure. We welcome Vida Cannabis to bring much needed employment opportunities back to the Town of Stellarton and support their efforts."

Vida calls the building itself a virtual fortress, stating the 315,000-square-foot facility is contained entirely under a seven-acre, steel roof erected on windowless 18-foot-high concrete walls supported by an engineered concrete floor that is in nearly perfect condition.

As the interior of the facility is structured like an aircraft hangar, it is wide open with no restrictive points to developing a customized medical marijuana plant that optimizes the building’s entire square footage.

Set 400 meters back from a transport highway, the 12-acre property has a single access point making security efficient for such a large building, which is already surrounded by a three-metre high fence with barbed wire top. In keeping with Health Canada requirements for licensing of medical marihuana production facilities, intrusion detection systems, around-the-clock surveillance and other minor security-related alterations will be implemented by Vida.

Vida Cannabis chief executive officer J. Gregory Wilson said he is extremely pleased with the total package that accompanies this remarkable facility.

"The people of the Town of Stellarton are at the top of that list. The local support for our Canadian medicinal marijuana operations has been virtually 100 per cent/ When operating at full capacity we anticipate labour needs of 200-300 employees," he said. "We look forward to bringing quality employment opportunities to the area and will hire and train people from the region whenever possible.”