LETTER:Council's duty to support ALL of Yarmouth

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Frankly, I have never understood the overriding fixation successive town councils have had with Yarmouth's so-called "downtown."

 Yarmouth is a small town... and getting smaller every day. We cannot afford to be dividing what's left into little fiefdoms, each fending for itself, with council mediating. Why did we have a publicly funded downtown business association and a Waterfront Development Corporation and a Yarmouth Development Corporation, and God know how many other secret societies... all vying for funding and attention in a small town of less than 7,000... and dwindling?


I suggest that it is the duty of council to support and develop ALL of Yarmouth... equally. If we need a development committee, and I sincerely believe we do, then we need one, and ONLY one, responsible for developing ALL of Yarmouth, not just downtown. It may be sacrilege to say, but Yarmouth's "downtown" is no more and no less important than the rest of the town. It deserves attention, but not at the expense of the rest of the town. The difference between "downtown" Yarmouth and "uptown" Yarmouth is only a few city blocks!


If you are going to erect signs directing people to the "downtown," I certainly hope you will be erecting like signs, directing people to "uptown." It's just as important, and from a tax perspective, probably significantly MORE important.


I sincerely hope that these decisions are not being made because of the direct influence and involvement of most of our town councillors in businesses located in said "downtown" and in the committees and corporations created to "develop" it?


Gerry Curry,

Cedar Lake

Organizations: Waterfront Development, Yarmouth Development

Geographic location: Yarmouth, Cedar Lake

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