Letter: What is happening to our farms?

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As we start a new year of 2014, it makes me wonder, has anyone learned any lessons about how we are treating our farming sector, or does anyone really take the interest to care? After all, our farmers do grow the food we eat, and without farmland this would be pretty much impossible.

The growing rate that our farmland is being sold and developed into the housing market will most certainly have a vast impact on our future food supply for new generations of people to come and the disappearance of farming as we know it today.

I cannot understand why people have such a difficult time grasping as to how important the farming sector is to our world? We have to put a stop to this never-ending development of valuable farmland, by privileged individuals, known as friends of the municipality, for nothing other then personal gain, at the expense of everyone who rely on our farms for food. It may be important to expand the municipal tax base, but not at the expense of our needs for living, we need our farms. We do not need to create any more problems for our children and grandchildren to deal with, we have given them enough troubles as it is. If we keep destroying our valuable farms the way we are, it will not take long to expire our valuable food source. Please support our farmers.


Gordon Arnold


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