Letter: Other side of the Queens General lab story

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I feel I need to address the comments made in the letter stating the other side of the story by Mr. Levy. I recognize it as an opinion, but it is not factual.

Queens General Hospital

Specifically I want to deal with the changes in Lab technicians and the blood services. The relocation of the technicians is being perceived by the public, apparently, as the start of the end of our Hospital. Then there are rumours, being published as well (by individuals and not authoritarians by the way) that our Blood Collection Services have been almost entirely eliminated.

While liked or not, it is not unreasonable to deploy internal staff to where they may be best utilized to maximize efficiencies. This is happing all the time and sometimes to our benefit. We are in fact being supplies with two Lab Assistants.

It was pointed out, with total creditability as far as I was concerned, that if at least some of the 4.5 person shortfall within the Bridgewater hospital was not filled immediately, it would have significant repercussions on all of the SSH facilities, as the work would have to be off loaded up the chain to Halifax or even worse to the Annapolis Valley, with more delays, more inconvenience, and more cost.

Yes this may not make for a happy relocation for the individuals involved, it may make for unease amongst the informed, and fodder for rumor for those so inclined, but it does make for good business in the long run and even the short run. If the world changes, and more technicians appear, then we will probably get ours back.

As for the blood collection service, I have no idea where that comes from. I am not an expert but a lot of money is being put into our facility including blood collection and that is not going to waste. A preview of the area is very impressive and with the addition of two new lab assistants, there should be no issues. Scheduling issues need to be addressed, but that is all part of change.

Our new and revamped facility is being regarded at a state of the art facility, both regionally and provincially. It is going to be used as a model for the expansion of the Hospital in Bridgewater. We have done an excellent job in its promotion and is something that we should be proud of.

Our whole health care system is under huge stress right now – I am frankly excited about our future – I don’t see immediate solutions, and I can’t solve the problems alone, but I think we as a community can share in some great opportunities together as long as we all maintain a positive attitude, research the facts, and move forward with a positive attitude.

Bill Smyth

Chair, Queens Community Health Board.


Organizations: Blood Collection Services, Bridgewater hospital, Hospital in Bridgewater

Geographic location: Halifax, Annapolis Valley

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Recent comments

  • Ron Campbell
    March 17, 2014 - 10:34

    It is too bad that the people couldn't come to Liverpool to have their blood collected, if needed. The road does go in both directions. Like U say, our facility is state of the art.

  • Linda
    March 17, 2014 - 07:25

    It is insulting to see Mr. Smyth does not even know the correct title of the staff he is referring to. The staff members concerned are technologists not technicians.