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I just could not believe my eyes and ears.  Not a response in our local paper or radio station.  Our fish hatchery is gone; and 80-90 per cent of our blood services and two Lab Techs are being taken from Queens General Hospital.  Down the road will our hospital also be a “done deal”?

Why were the two Tech positions not loaned to Bridgewater instead of being taken away from Queens General permanently?  That would have given Queens room to negotiate the return of the two positions if Bridgewater were able to attract some new Lab Techs in the future.

We, the people of Queens, helped raise over $16 million, with no help from Government, for an addition to our Hospital.  As a volunteer that helped canvass for this addition; and many, many years of working for our Hospital Hustle; why should I keep up the hard work down the road if our services are going to end up in Bridgewater.

There has been a lack of support from past, present, and probably future politicians, for a Seniors Complex in our fair town, yet they have been sprouting like mushrooms in most other communities.  Maybe South Shore Health is giving us a Seniors Complex.  They just haven’t told us yet.

Let’s have a Town Hall meeting to hear the other side of the story.

 Gary Levy, concerned volunteer


Organizations: Lab Techs, Hospital Hustle

Geographic location: Bridgewater, Queens, Brooklyn

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Recent comments

  • Jan Pottie
    March 13, 2014 - 00:54

    Well said Gary. Thank you for speaking up and for prodding others. The hospital and health care services are key to rebuilding the community. There is no future in complacency.

  • Lilly Tyler
    March 06, 2014 - 05:48

    I am a senior, looking for a quiet town in the Maritimes to retire in. Liverpool was, what I thought to be, the perfect place. However as I read about canceled bus-services (so important to seniors) and now cutting staff at the Hospital, I am not so sure.

  • Yvonne McNamara
    February 26, 2014 - 10:03

    In response to the statement that noone is responding to all of the closures in the area, I have a viewpoint. I believe the lack of response is because people are reeling from shock these days. So many services and industries are being cut that you just hear about one and another happens. It will be a disaster in this area if they do not replace the Lab Techniciens. There is a large elderly population in this area, a large number of whom cannot drive. The bus service was cut and never replaced, so they literally have no possibility of getting to Bridgewater or Halifax for tests. These cuts all have a domino effect. The lack of industry means that the younger people have to leave town to find work and thus are not here to give the necessary support to ageing parents. I feel that the salmon hatchery closure was an act of revenge from the Federal Government because we didn't vote the way Mr. Harper wanted! Not only did they close the best facility in the Province, they filled in the ponds to make sure they couldn't be reopened without exhorbitant cost! I hope the people in the area wake up soon and express their disgust and revolt. I personally want my children and grandchildren to stay in this beautiful area we live in. The quality of life in Queens is so pristine compared to living in large heartless cities or filthy mudholes created by the oil sands industry. We have a wonderful history here and the Picturesque town of Liverpool is the perfect setting in which we can develop our Tourist Industry so much more than we do presently. Instead of Privateer week, we could expand the theme to last all summer with historic tours both walking and horse cart. Reenactments could take place several times a week along with graveyard tours. The waterfront could have Farmers Markets all summer long with crafts etc. These are things citizens of all ages could get involved in. We could have concerts at least once a month all year long at the Emera center. These things will bring people to the area to spend money and stay for several days. I hope some young entrepreneurs will get involved in the community and rejuvinate our County so our youth do not have to leave to work.