A Week That Changed Our World: Feeling all grown up

Amanda Jess
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Kentville, NS/5:50 p.m./August 16, 2014

"Husband!” she calls out. “Where's my husband? I need a hand."

From boyfriend for 10 years and fiancé for two — finally, he becomes a husband.

Though it was official two hours prior, there was no opportunity to recognize revised titles – not while at the altar, not while signing papers, not while interacting with guests outside the Aldershot, Nova Scotia, church and not during family photos at the wharf.

Instead, it came when Jennifer needed help — and a hand to hold.

When does someone become a husband or a wife?

Officially, it’s when they’re pronounced as such, but how long does that take to sink in?

It didn’t take long for Jennifer Taylor to use Chad’s new title, but it wasn’t because she felt a significant change in their relationship.

For Jennifer, there was no shift.

“It doesn’t really feel any different,” she tries to explain. “But now I can call him my husband instead of my boyfriend.

“I feel more grown up.”

They were already a family before today; clear through their easy interaction, their playfulness with each other and their seven-year-old son.

Even their honesty as the day’s chaos begins to show and they’re pulled in all different directions.

Marriage only put it on paper — and offered up a new way to ask to hold a hand.

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Geographic location: Aldershot, Nova Scotia

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  • Angela Kennedy
    August 30, 2014 - 17:57

    Our story is similar to Jennifer Taylor. We (Mike and Angela Kennedy) married on the same day August 16, 2014 near Eagletree Vineyard in Sheffield Mills. We've been together 15 years. It will probably take me another 15 years to get use to calling myself and to write it on paper Angela Kennedy. Mike is my rock, he is my everything and soulmate forever. We finish each others sentences. He knows what I am thinking most time. We pick up the phone to call one another at the same time. It is totally amazing. We were MINT to be! I love