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Highway 125 twinning expected to be complete in the fall

SYDNEY — Despite the lack of construction activity on Highway 125, the province is anticipating a section of the newly twinned Sydney bypass will be open in late fall.

Little work on the Highway 125 project is currently taking place but that’s expected to change later this summer when a tender is released for grading, paving and the Membertou interchange to the section of highway between exits 7 and 8.

A section of highway from exits 7 and 8 will be open to four lanes of traffic this year, Department of Transportation spokeswoman Elizabeth MacDonald said.

Work is happening in the office among engineers to get a tender out soon for grading and paving work, she said.

“We’re tendering the work to complete paving the open section from Sydney River to George Street including the Membertou interchange. Work is due to be complete this fall,” she said in a recent email.

She couldn’t provide specifics on how long the work would take on this section of highway.

From the time of a tender call to a contractor working on site, it’s typically a period of about four weeks, according to the Department of Transportation website.

The $7-million Membertou interchange is a separate project that will connect the First Nation community directly to highway access for the first time.

Currently the aboriginal community has access points from George and Alexandra streets.

MacDonald said the second part of the twinning project, including the $3.5-million Grand Lake Road roundabout, will be tendered in the fall. Construction on that section from exits 8 to 9 will begin in the spring.

“Work is scheduled to be complete in the 2015 construction season,” she said.

Another aspect on that part of the project will be the construction of an overpass for pedestrians and cyclists.

In June, the province agreed to pay for a $1.8-million overpass spanning across Highway 125, providing a safe alternative to maneuvering through the roundabout on foot.

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