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Lawrence Powell
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Not-for-profit groups get crack at old computers, printers, cell phones

Annapolis County is auctioning off old computers, laptops, cell phones, and printers to not-for-profit groups.

If you belong to a not-for-profit group looking for computers and office equipment, Annapolis County has an auction designed just for you.

After accumulating an inventory of computer equipment that has been deemed surplus and was scheduled for disposal, the municipality decided to use this as an opportunity to offer some assistance to local community groups. On Saturday, Feb. 22 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., all registered not-for-profit organizations are welcome to attend a silent auction being held at the United Baptist Church, 762 St. George St., Annapolis Royal. This will allow local not-for-profit organizations the opportunity to acquire equipment they feel may be useful to their organization at an affordable cost.

“This felt like this was a win-win for everyone. We get to clear out our storage room while helping our non-profit organizations at the same time,” said Economic Development and IT Services Manager Cody Joudry. “However, it is important to note, some of these items are in disrepair. And, items such as laptops and desktops won’t have hard drives in them and they’re not included in the purchase. They have all been removed for security purposes. All buyers should be aware of this before buying any items.”

Inspection of items can take place as per the schedule shown below. The auction will be set-up like a Silent Auction and will run by this schedule:

-- 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Viewing of items

-- 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Bidding takes place

-- 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Pay and pick up of items

-- 1 p.m. Auction closed

All items remaining after 1:00 p.m., whether they were bid on or not, will be disposed of.

“We are asking those interested in participating in the silent auction and the people representing a registered not-for-profit organization to please pre-register,” said Joudry.

People can register by contacting Nancy Chisholm, Economic Development Assistant at (902) 526-3947. Each person will be asked to provide the name of the registered not-for-profit organization and the person(s) attending the auction and purchasing the items on behalf of the organization.

Only cash, debit, or cheque will be accepted and payment must be made on the day of the auction. Please be reminded, all items remaining at the end of the day will be disposed of. All buyers must acknowledge the items are “as is, where is” and no warranty is given or implied, nor will items be delivered or held past the 1 p.m. pick up deadline.


Desktop Computers

1 Compaq Presario (No RAM)

1 Compaq Desk Pro

1 Compaq EVO

1 HP Pavilion

2 HP Compaq

7 Custom


Laptop Computers

3 Dell Inspiron 1501

1 Dell Inspiron 6000

1 Toshiba Satellite 1400

1 HP NC 6120

1 Dell XPS

1 HP Pavilion N5450

1 Dell Latitude E6510

1 Dell Inspiron 6400 (No power cord)

1 Dell Inspiron 9300 (No power cord)

1 Compaq Presario F700 (No power cord)

1 Dell XPS (No power cord)

1 Compaq Presario R3000 (No power cord)


Fax Machines

1 HP 1220

1 Brother PC 201

1 Sharp F0-DC500


Inkjet Printers

1 HP Deskjet F4480

1 HP Deskjet 9800

1 HP Business Deskjet 1200

1 HP Photosmart 7150

1 Epson Stylis C66

1 HP Deskjet 6980

HP Deskjet F4480 (No power cord)

HP Deskjet 6980 (No power cord)


Laser Printers

Brother Laser HL 1440

HP Laserjet 5000

Multi-Function Scanner/Printer

Cannon MP 160

Cannon Pixma MP 150



1 Sharp ARM 277

1 Sharp AR-550

1 Sharp MX 5500

1 Sharp SF230



12 PS2 Keyboards



3 pairs of 30 pin SIMM

1 pair of 144 pin SDRAM SODIMM

18 – 168 pin DIMMS (various speeds)

4 – 184 pin DDR DIMMS (various speeds)

4 – 240 pin DDR-2 DIMM



7 PS2 Mice

1 Wireless Optical Mouse

1 Track Ball Mouse



3 Extension Cords

2 LG CD Drives

6 Video Cards (various speeds/sizes)

1 small box AC Adaptors (various power outputs)

1 bag of various lengths of Telephone Cords

1 box of various lengths of Network Cables

Various Power Cords, PS2 Connector Cords, USB to RJ45 and Speaker Cords

2 Symantec Fire Wall VPNs

1 10 Base T – 8 Port Hub

2 Symantec Fire Wall VPN

1 Symantec Fire Wall VPN (No power cord)

1 Ethernet card (PCI slot)

1 Sound card



8 PCI slot (6 still in box)

3 ISA slot


Video Cards

5 VGA (PCI slot)

3 DVI (PCI-e slot)


Cellular Phones

3 Kyocera 5135

1 LG 231

3 Motorola T730

1 Sanyo Pro 700

1 Motorola

1 Nokia 3285V

9 Samsung (various models)

5 Motorola Razor

3 LG Flip

2 LG Slide

1 Motorola Razor II

1 Motorola 120e

1 Nokia Digital

1 Nokia 2385V

1 Audiovox Flip

4 Nokia Flip

2 Sanyo Flip GPS

1 Sanyo Flip


Various Cellular Phone Chargers, Car Chargers, Ear buds


Organizations: Compaq, United Baptist Church, Annapolis Royal Economic Development and IT Services PCI Symantec Motorola Nokia HP Business Cellular Phones Samsung

Geographic location: Annapolis County, Sharp AR

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