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Wolfville Falcons place first in division, third overall at soccer finals

‘This is a tremendous group of kids,’ said coach Carl Baltzer

WOLFVILLE, NS – Stormy weather couldn’t drown out the fun at soccer finals in Wolfville on October 30.

The Wolfville Falcons, a tier two team made up of grades 6, 7, and 8 players, faced the New Germany Saints, a tier 1 team with grade 9 and 10 players. Wolfville lost 3-0, but the team showed great effort.

A successful season saw them place first in their division, and coach Carl Baltzer couldn’t be more proud of his team.

“Not even a minute after losing, the players were smiling again. This is a tremendous group of kids,” he said.


A winning season despite last loss

After their undefeated season with only one tie, the Falcons have finished third overall, and are feeling pretty proud.

Jack Zacharias is 12, and plays defence on the team. He’s been playing since the age of 4 and, despite feeling down after losing, really enjoyed the game.

“It feels awesome, because we placed first in our division. We were so close,” he said.

Josh Baltzer is also 12, and plays every position on the field, though his favourite is left midfield.

Soccer, for him, is all about getting to play with his friends.

“My teammates are all good players and are all my friends. It’s so much fun,” he said.


‘Losing is part of playing’

This team spirit doesn’t take Carl Batlzer by surprise.

The players were so intent during the game they paid little attention to the heavy rainfall that drenched the field.

“Losing is part of playing, and they’ve already moved on. The great thing about this age group is how resilient they are,” said Coach Baltzer.

“I couldn’t be more proud.”

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