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Horton edges KES to win D1 soccer semi-final

WINDSOR - King's-Edgehill was looking for a berth in the Western Zone Finals in Windsor this past weekend but Horton denied them that chance.

Wet and windy conditions prevailed on the field, but KES head coach Paul MacInnis said the game started off well for KES.

The wind was in their favour for the first half, and they moved the ball around very well and pinned Horton into their own half. Despite the possession, KES struggled to create quality chances.

“The KES back line was solid in keeping the ball in the opposition half. David Lee controlled the backline but Constantin Lucas, Josh Mills, and Liam Hogan were outstanding in shutting down the potent Horton transition game,” said MacInnis.

With the game tied 0-0 at the half, KES knew they'd have to approach the game with a different tactic playing against the wind. Unfortunately, the adjustments weren't enough to keep Horton off the scoreboard as the wind wreaked havoc. Horton took a 2-0 lead.

King's-Edgehill kept their heads up and played with tenacity.

They began to carry the play and began to create a ton of pressure and excellent scoring opportunities. Eventually, the sustained pressure led to a penalty kick in King's-Edgehill's favour and captain Cody Ettinger buried his shot into the top right corner to cut the deficit to 2-1.

With only eight minutes left to play, KES pushed hard for the equalizer. Rookie substitute Nathan Danquah came agonizingly close to tying the match on two occasions but his shots just missed each corner.

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