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Digby junior boys soccer team tie Bridgetown 1-1


The DRHS junior boys soccer team was minutes away from a 1-0 win over Bridgetown.

Digby scored about five minutes before the end of the first half at DRHS field on Tuesday, Oct. 7, and Bridgetown, after a series of near misses, scored with five minutes left in the second.

Dylan Waldie set up the first goal with good positioning and a little knock to Owen Titus in the middle of the field. Titus fed a sweet thru ball for his brother Noah to run onto. Noah took a step on the defence and shot it high and hard over the Bridgetown keeper.

Bridgetown had good pressure to close the game and sent several balls just wide of the net.

In the end a Digby defender broke up a long cross but before he could clear it, the Bridgetown’s Bradley Charlton swooped in and tied the game.

The game ended tied 1-1.

The DRHS junior boys play in Clare tomorrow and are back in Digby against Clare next Tuesday, Oct. 14.

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