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Katie Robinson has almost a lifetime of running to her credit

Katie Robinson leads this running group. (Nick Pearce photo)
Katie Robinson leads this running group. (Nick Pearce photo) - Contributed

WOLFVILLE, N.S. - Katie Robinson spent one final fall running as an Axewoman during her last year of study. And she will never forget it.

Her journey to this point has been interesting as well. From Saint John, N.B. Robison has been running cross-country since the third grade.

“My mom was into running as well. And that kind of got me intrigued,” said Robinson of why she first started running.

She spent her first three years of university studying in Saint John at the University of New Brunswick before transferring to Acadia. The psychology student was looking for a change and fell in love with the community and campus surrounding Acadia.

Robinson explained she “lost focus of running in my third year at UNBSJ. I just didn’t want to race, and was happy to take the year off following that. The team atmosphere and supportive community at Acadia is what made me fall back in love with running.”

Even though Robinson had to sit out the season after transferring from UNBSJ to Acadia, she says the team really kept her going. She did not train with the Axewomen during that first year at Acadia, but she hit the ground running with them the next fall.

“Training wise, the team definitely tries to work as a group and push each other. When we work as a group it takes out that competitiveness,” she said.

This mentality has helped the Axewoman succeed and overcome challenges that come with cross-country being both an individual and team sport.

Having just finished her second-year racing for Acadia, Robinson is coming off an outstanding season. She captured a third-place over-all finish and a third-place team finish at the AUS Championships, and she also represented Acadia at the USport Championships.

Robinson said medalling at AUS championships was a highlight this season.

“I always wanted to, but never really realized it was an option, especially this year since the field was really strong,” she explained.

Robinson said she “had no expectations, just ran for fun, and I think that helped me excel.”

She also credits her coach Ralph Williams, and the culture he has created on the Acadia cross-country team. “Ralph is so enthusiastic and he just wants us to do well and enjoy it more than we think we have to do it. You need to love what you’re doing, that’s the point of doing it.” said Robinson.

She has fully embraced that team culture, and has even gone so far as to be the team representative for the Axewomen Cross-Country team on the Acadia Players’ Association athlete council.

This was her last year of eligibility, but having competed at four USports national championships throughout her time running in university, Robinson has had a career she should be proud of.

“I will definitely keep running. I want to start doing some more half marathons,” said Robinson of what comes after Acadia.

She is hoping to study education, and would like to get her masters in counselling.

For now, Robinson is done running for Acadia, but she’s debating coming back to compete with track and field in the winter. 

- Story by Sara Baxter

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