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Creighton wins Digby Pines Golf Club Championship

DIGBY - Myles Creighton has got his name on the big trophy at the Digby Pines.

The 20-year-old Digby native, who now studies and plays golf at Radford University in South Carolina, shot a 67 and 64 on Aug. 22 and 23 to win the Digby Pines Mens Golf Club Championship.

Ben Prince presented Creighton with the J.B. Prince Trophy at the awards ceremony.

Prince donated the trophy to the club in 1946 or 47.

“Nick Nickerson told me at the time, this was the only way I was going to get my name on the trophy,” he said.

The club asked Prince to present the trophy and the other awards for the championship division as a way to recognize and thank him for his contribution to the club over the years.

They also had Bill Nickerson, pro at the club for 30 years, present the prizes and awards for the first division; and Buddy Barr, the oldest member of the club presented the prizes and awards for division 2.

Creighton’s score of 131 over two days is very likely a club championship record - as far as anyone knows, no one has ever shot lower than that over the two days of the club championship.

The course record during competition is 63 set by Shawn Grinton from PEI. Digby’s Eric Locke set the non-competitive course record of 60 last year.

Joanne Halliday won the Ladies championship.


Digby Pines Men's Club Championship    

Club Champion:                     Myles Creighton  131

Overall Low Net:                   Maurice Parker   134

Senior Champion:                 Rod Robicheau     153

Super Senior Champion:    Luke Dugas            158

Past President Champion:                  Justin Wood           141

Left-handers Champion:    Maurice Parker   134

Division 1                               

1st Gross                 Justin Wood           145

2nd Gross               Derrick Potter      151

3rd Gross                Murray Carruthers                154

4th Gross                 Danny Robinson 156

1st Net    Jamey MacLeod    141

2nd Net  Gord Handspiker                  141

3rd Net   Cleve Theriault    144

4th Net   Frank Meuse         144

Division 2                               

1st Gross                 Carey Edwards     159

2nd Gross               Bill Olsen               161

3rd Gross                Blair Kubicek        164

4th Gross                 Greg Nixon            164

1st Net    Glenn Oliver        141

2nd Net  Robert Jeffrey        145

3rd Net   Rick Olsen             145

4th Net   Tony Nadeau         146

Division 3                               

1st Gross                 Chris Joyce             170

2nd Gross               Brian Marowich  173

3rd Gross                Ron VanTassel     174

4th Gross                 John Cowan           181

1st Net    Ian MacKenzie    140

2nd Net  Don Kennedy        140

3rd Net   Dick Dooley           141

4th Net   Mike Kostenuk     143

Closest to Pin Day 1          

#2             Keith Amero

#14 Jamey MacLeod

Closest to Pin Day 2          

#2  Jamey MacLeod

#5             Frank Meuse

#8 Bob Wood

#14 Ed Dunn, Bill Olsen, Myles Creighton

#16 Bill Olsen


Ladies Club Championship

Club Champion    Joanne Halliday

Overall Low Net  Cheryl McEwen

1st Gross                 Kelly Daikin Hache

Closest to Pin Day 1

#2             Joanne Halliday

#16           Joanne Halliday

Closest to Pin Day 2

#2             Cheryl McEwen

#16           Cheryl McEwen


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