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Horton football player injured in game against Sir John A. Macdonald

Coach confirms player, taken to hospital by ambulance, is okay

The football game between Horton and Sir John A Macdonald Sept. 27 in Wolfville was called a minute and a half early due to an injury to a Griffins player.

Bryson Smith was removed from the field on a stretcher and transported to hospital after taking a hit to the head.

Griffins’ head coach Alec Hyndman said it was “just an extra precaution” after the hit to the head, adding, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Hyndman confirmed Sept. 29 that Smith was OK, with no concussion or other symptoms, and had been cleared to play in Horton’s next game.

Sir John A. topped the Griffins 35-0. On the field, for a second week in a row, Hyndman was pleased with his team’s effort on defence against a top team in Division 1 action.

“We held them to three touchdowns, along with three field goals, two safeties and a single, and to just 12 points in the second half. We didn’t collapse, that’s for sure,” Hyndman said.

“We can handle these teams defensively. Offensively, we’re still making too many mistakes, which can be expected from a young team like ours.”

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